Why Us?
  • Why Us?
  • Why Us?
  • Why Us?
  • Why Us?
  • Why Us?
  • Why Us?
  • Why Us?

Why Choose Get A Lift Express

We are trusted name in wheelchair and handicap accessible vans in Kansas City, Missouri. Here’s what makes us stand out from our competitors;

Our Belief…

Everyone has the need and desire to be mobile.

Our Goal…

To provide everyone with the ability to do so.

Everyone’s budget is different, that’s why we convert vans from many model years.  We will work with you and your budget.  You can purchase a converted handicap van from us or if you already have a van, allow us to convert it for you.  We convert the following models:  Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, Ford Transit Connect, Ford Transit T-150, Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500 and Toyota Sienna.  Call us before you make your purchase.  Give us the chance to earn your business and your respect.

Thank you so much!
Jeff Hendricks

Ease of Use

– A rear entry ramp van is the easiest way to transport your loved one in a wheelchair…straight in and straight out. In addition, our ramp with shock assist is extremely simple to raise and lower.


– There are no motors, no hydraulics and no electrical components to go bad. You merely roll in, strap down with the Q-Straint System, shut the doors and go.


Price – Check us out, then shop around if you choose. We feel that our pricing should place us at the top of your list
when it comes to affordability for your family.

NOTE! All of our Advantage conversions are ADA compliant